Friday, August 14, 2015

KIRF's assistance with Nepal disaster relief continues: School to rebuild in Majhguan, Nepal

Badly damaged Shree Majhgaun Lower Secondary School
in Nepal after the April 2015 earthquake.
We are still assisting with the earthquake disaster relief efforts in Nepal.  KIRF has now partnered with Classroom in the Clouds to help rebuild of  a severely damaged Lower Secondary School  located in Majhgaun, a small village in Mirge VDC in Dolkha, Nepal.  This school is located approximately 180km from the capital city of  Kathmandu. The school is one of seven schools that serves the population of  approximately 3,500 villagers in the surrounding  Tamang, Chhetri and Dalit communities. Classroom in the Clouds was founded by Dawa Geljen Sherpa and a few Everest mountaineers in order to help local children get access to a good education in their remote villages in the Himalaya so they can live a better life.  For more information about Classroom in the Clouds, please see their website:

We are $7,000 short of the total necessary funds to rebuild the school.

Any donations for this effort are most appreciated.

You can make a donation to Kirwin International Relief Foundation (KIRF) at our website: